Al Gharaffa Stadium Complex is an existing Stadium with a capacity of 22000 people and a total area of 30,860 sq.m. It is being majorly renovated for Practice Matches for FIFA WC 2022, to accommodate retail spaces, lounges, enhancing Administrative areas, Façade, and roof redevelopment. The major challenge was the outdoor cooling setup. Apart from the As-built Model, ASMEP Model at LOD 350 was developed for Clash resolutions and generating GFC drawings. It was challenging to develop the MEP model as it has got Outdoor Cooling System. As in the Arabi exercise, BIM t was utilized from the conceptual stage of the design exercise to analyze the various concepts. BIM was a major aid in concept selection.ManyRoof Options were generated and analysed through BIM before finally selecting the Football shaped roof. Revit along with other Autodesk software made it easy to construct a BIM Model.
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